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We understand that owning a business can be a complex endeavor. You’re burdened with legal and compliance issues (including federal, state, and local), business planning and structuring, day-to-day operations, and keeping customers happy. Whether you are a sole proprietor, partnership, a small LLC, small business, or a large corporation operating in multiple states or countries, running your business can be overwhelming and confusing. In the event that your business is threatened by a lawsuit or other legal action, you will need the best and most experienced business law legal team to protect your business and its assets.

Business law is vast and complex. Your best strategy for protecting yourself, your business, your reputation, and your employees, is to develop a relationship with trusted legal counsel. At Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC  our business attorneys will guide you through the legal process of setting up your business and help you develop strong policies and procedures to protect your business as it grows.

Business Law Services

Company Formation- Launching a new business is exciting. How you structure your business can foster –or severely limit– your company’s growth. If your business is a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC or Corporation our business law attorneys can guide you through the process and help ensure you obtain all the necessary licenses, permits and forms and file documents with the proper governing agencies.

Contract Management- Businesses small and large need documents, agreements, and contracts in place for employees, vendors, customers, and other third parties. We don’t just “draft” documents, we craft them. We tailor things to fit your company’s specific needs. Our attorneys can also help manage the contracts you already have in place, making sure you are protected and getting the most for your money.

Business Planning-  One crucial piece of business ownership is anticipating and planning for the unexpected.  You need a plan in place for the “just in case” scenarios, including disability, loss of a critical team member, or transitioning operational management or ownership to another party. Laidlaw & Laidlaw,PC lawyers can help you with this critical planning and in drafting the right legal documents to protect you, your business, and your family.

Human Resource Matters- Protect your company and your employees. We are well-versed in employment and personnel matters, including hiring and terminations, crafting policies and procedures, employee compensation and benefits, employee training programs, and employment agreements.

Litigation- If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to file or defend against a court action, we can help.  Whether your company or business is the defendant or the plaintiff, Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC business lawyers can guide you through the litigation process. We will be in your corner, guiding, advising, and protecting you every step of the way.

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