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We can help you & your family get started on a positive new journey.

We specialize in helping families resolve divorces, custody, parenting time, child support, conservatorship, and guardianship matters in a way that preserves important, lifelong relationships. You know horror stories of public divorce trials leaving one parent the “winner” and one the “loser.” It doesn’t have to be that way. Our divorce attorneys can help you shape your future, design a better life, and get started on your next journey.

Family Law Services

Collaborative Law

After years of family law experience, Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC’s legal team recognized that “there must be a better way” to divorce without a messy court battle. And we found it! Collaborative divorce is a respectful way to end a marriage. Click here to learn more about this alternative to a traditional divorce litigation.

Family Litigation & Court

Sometimes, no matter how hard you have tried, a divorce court battle is inevitable. If your case ends up in court you need a strong warrior to help protect you, your children, and your assets. There are too many landmines to walk the road alone. We at Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC will be your steadfast advocates and guides.

At Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC our divorce attorneys will keep your family’s best interest at the center of our work.
We will give you peace of mind in the midst of one of the most difficult situations you will ever face.
For more information on the difference between traditional and collaborative divorce, click here.


Child Custody arrangements can be overwhelming to navigate. Our Attorneys can help you get the right information and make the best decisions possible for your children.

Child Support

Child support can be essential for your child to grow and thrive. Figuring out how to financially support a child when you are divorcing or separating can be intimidating. Our experienced attorneys can remove the worry, offering a simple step by step process to ensure that support is set at an appropriate amount.


Legally becoming a caregiver/guardian to a family member or friend can be filled with many options and decisions. At Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC we can educate you on the best choices to make in this process.


Mediation is a way to resolve your divorce (or paternity, custody, or parenting time issue) respectfully, and without going to court.
It offers both parties the privilege of shaping their futures, outlining a new life with the unlimited potential for positive outcomes.
Mediation can get you there, allowing you to build bridges in your most important relationships, rather than burning them.
To learn about the specifics about mediation click here.

Benefits of Mediation in Family Law

No Court-
Participants resolve their dispute with the use of a neutral mediator. The mediator can draft the documents that need to be filed with the court. No court hearings are necessary.

Clients have Control over the Outcome-
Mediation participants have complete control over their agreements. The final agreements can reflect the true needs of each individual family member. This is very different from the litigation process, where a judge makes decisions for the family based upon his/her experience, opinions, and impressions.

Client Satisfaction-
Parties who mediate their family cases report higher rates of satisfaction with both the outcomes and the process (as compared to litigation). This is very different from traditional family litigation, where the parties typically report dissatisfaction with the cost, stress, uncertainty, and permanently damaged relationships.

Maintain Privacy-
The mediation process is confidential. There are no public court appearances or trials required. All meetings and discussions are conducted in private.

Preserve Important, Lifelong Relationships-
Litigation damages relationships, often irreparably. Litigation is a lot like war – the dirtier you play, the more blood is shed. One party may “win,” but that’s not a good framework for families. When only one side can win, that means that in reality, everyone loses. Especially your children.

Divorce & Family Law Matters can be Difficult, Overwhelming, and Emotional

If you’re thinking about divorce and worrying about these questions:

Who gets custody of my children?
How do we sell or divide the family home?
How do I safeguard my retirement?
How are spousal support & child support determined?

Or is your family law matter keeping you up at night?
Our attorneys at Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC are here to answer all your questions and preserve and protect what matters most to you.
Get in touch with us today to see how together we can help you sleep at night, stop worrying about the unknowns, and get on a brighter path!

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