March 26, 2020

Guidance on the Governor’s ‘stay at home’ order.

You may have questions about Governor Kate Brown’s statewide ‘stay at home’ order.

Are you wondering how this order affects your family or your case?

We know this world situation raises questions and fears about parenting time, custody, and divorce. These are some of the questions we’ve gotten from families:

  –  How do we arrange parenting time to minimize exposure to illness?

  –  Can we continue our divorce process while courts are limiting cases?

  –  Does the “stay at home” order affect custody, parenting time, and child support orders?

Please call or email.  We’re here.  We’re open.  And we’re dedicated to continuing to help you and your family through your matter during these unsettling times.

Be well,

The Laidlaw & Laidlaw Team