It’s possible to resolve disputes respectfully

Mediation is a way for you to resolve disputes respectfully without going to court. At  Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC we have skilled Mediators to help resolve all types of cases. We help parties identify specific problems, communicate their concerns, and find common ground to reach a voluntary agreement. 

What is Mediation?

No Court- Participants resolve their dispute with the help of an impartial, neutral Mediator. The Mediator helps the parties communicate clearly to reach a mutually agreeable solution. In family cases, our Mediators can draft the documents that need to be filed with the court. In most cases no court hearings are necessary when disputes are resolved in mediation.

Client Control Over the Outcome- Mediation participants have complete control over their agreements. The final agreements can reflect the true needs of each individual, family, or business. This is very different from the litigation process, where a judge makes decisions based upon his/her experience, opinions, and impressions.

Maintain Privacy- The mediation process is confidential. All meetings and discussions are conducted in private. Oftentimes the parties can avoid court appearances or trials altogether.

Laidlaw and Laidlaw, PC.  in addition to Mediation services, our attorneys’ have experience working in Arbitration to help resolve your dispute. Learn more now


OMA (Oregon Mediation Association)


Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC’s Mediators will listen to both sides and help you reach an agreement. 
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