Terra Burns – Paralegal

“How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours.” – unknown

“The people that did you wrong are ‘spilling the tea’ and telling a different version of the story. Worse, they’re playing the victim. Let them play…you stay focused. The truth always comes to light.” – Sophia A. Nelson

Terra’s greatest joy in her work as a Family Law Paralegal is watching the change in clients who initially come to us feeling emotionally and financially depleted…but who then breathe a visible sigh of relief as we help them tackle their biggest fears or “mountains.” She knows it makes a HUGE impact when we are able to leave the case better than we found it – for the client, their families, and for her personally, there is nothing in the world that matches the feeling of that success.

  • Pioneer Pacific College, ABA certified AAS in Paralegal Studies (2012)
  • Portland State University, Bachelor of Science in Criminology & Criminal Justice (2019)
Personal Interest:

Terra is the mom to a sweet, little boy named Aeyden and a 13 year old pitbull named Shesha. In her spare time, when she is not chasing after Aeyden, she avidly supports groups like the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, which is dedicated to saving the lives and ending the abuse of pitbulls. She also loves hiking and spending time seeking outdoor adventure.