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At Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC we strive to provide the best service to our clients. Testimonials are a reflection of the high quality service we provide and the results we achieve for clients.

I walked in after a referral, new to a lawyers office, I was pleased to have met someone immediately and was treated as a guest. The professionalism and reassuring demeanor of all I met with left me with a confidence of a proper choice trough to the finish.


I was referred to Angela from a friend who was also going through a divorce and found that my first contact with the office was welcomed by one of their staff members, Carol. She was so very efficient and positive about the steps I needed to begin in this procedure. Her sense of humor and yet true professionalism led me to come in and meet with Angela, Shane, and Alec. Their openness to questions and concerns was informative and provided immediate responses to my questions.

I would highly recommend this office to anyone facing a legal and challenging change in their life. I appreciate the commitment and time to make my transition positive and allow me to find success in my divorce. Thank you for your time, effort, and commitment to others.


Alec Laidlaw and his team are as good as money can get. I can’t tell you how grateful I am in choosing him to represent my case. He was honest from the start. He explained everything thoroughly and made me feel important. You will find him to be a man that loves what he does.
Here’s why Alec and his team are so great:
1. He is always 2 steps ahead and plays his cases like a chess game. (very feisty)
2. He and his team always gave me accurate advise.
3. They made me fresh baked cookies while I waited.
4. Alec came in on a Saturday (flip flops and all after his son’s soccer game) after learning my ex-husband absconded with our young daughter and disappeared. He had the paperwork ready early Monday morning and had the court documents signed and ready to do battle.
5. He always took my calls even though I was a pain in the you know what.
6. He saved me from losing my home, paying my ex-husband alimony and I got full custody of our daughter.
This team is worth their weight in gold. No divorce is cheap. But if you don’t invest in a good attorney, you will pay a price that is much more than just a dollar amount. Thank you Laidlaw team!!”

– K.

I hired Alec to represent me after my ex-wife reopened our divorce case years later alleging that I had hidden a large amount of money during our divorce which were not accounted for in the division of assets. Not only did Alec work diligently to prove these to be false allegations, he performed relentless discovery, played hard ball, and eventually was able to have my case dismissed with prejudice. I would recommend Alec to anyone who needs a good, thorough attorney in their corner to represent them in their family law case.”

– M.

Thanks again for all your help!  You have been great to work with and appreciate making this as easy as possible under the circumstances.”

– Mediation client

I hired Angela Laidlaw to work with me on a guardianship/custody case involving my child. It was a very sensitive case and I feel that I was well informed of not only what to expect, but what was happening at every step. The price proposed is just about exactly what it came to in the end, and they worked with me on making payments each month that suited my budget. I feel like they were very knowledgable on the subject matter and kept me informed of my rights and best approaches. I would recommend Angela Laidlaw.”

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