Traditional VS Collaborative Divorce

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Did you know there is more than one type of divorce?

You might believe that the standard divorce process involves a long, nasty and uncomfortable courtroom battle. That is not the truth. Depending on your case there can be more than one process option to get through a divorce. Litigation is still an option, but there is a more modern way to divorce called Collaborative Divorce. Below is a quick outline to help you decide which divorce process is right for your family.

Traditional Divorce

Often a courtroom battle

Attorney “fights” for their clients’ needs

Personal needs/wants are the main focus

Provides more conflict, anxiety, and stress

Children can become pawns

Outcome is decided by a judge

Divorce details are public record

Professionals’ only responsibility is achieving one side’s desired outcome

Collaborative Divorce

No threat of court, no contested court battles

Attorneys work extensively with clients to find a solution that is positive for the entire family

Seek mutually beneficial agreements for both parties

Decreases conflict, anxiety, and stress

Children are a top priority

Divorcing couples maintain control of divorce outcome

Divorce details are private

Professionals focus on win-win outcomes that benefit the entire family and navigate the process with positivity

Seeking information on the best divorce solution for your situation?

Our attorneys at Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC handle both traditional and collaborative divorces. We can help you select the divorce process that best fits your particular needs. We will provide you with legal support and compassion in moving forward on your new journey.